Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel

Our latest expansion is now open with more electronic games and the new Silantro Fresh Mexican Grill. With over 3,300 electronic games including a high limit gaming area, private poker room, live bingo, Sage Steakhouse, The Buffet, Center Bar, High Limit Bar, ¿Qué Pasa? Lounge with live entertainment, a 249-room full-service hotel.

Rising from the scenic shores of the Rio Grande River separating the Lone Star State from the Republic of Mexico, Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel stands alone as Texas’ #1 Casino Gaming Experience! 24-hour gaming excitement in a first-class facility is all within … Source: Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel

Hollywood Casino Aurora

Hollywood Casino Aurora

Casino in Aurora, Illinois
Are you ready to rule the red carpet?

Hollywood Casino is the place for you! We’ll add dazzle to your days and life to your nights with free admission, pulse-pounding games, incredible restaurants, and great giveaways.

With 53,000 square feet of spine-tingling casino action, you’ll never run out of ways to play at Hollywood. Get that winning feeling with more than 1,170 of the hottest slots around. We’re congratulating new jackpot winners every single day. Our next big winner just might be you! Or challenge lady luck at Hollywood’s 26 table games, including a live poker room with Texas Hold’em games seven days a week. Deal yourself in!

While you are playing stop by our Take Two Deli where you can try our award winning hamburgers and other great stuff at reasonable prices. Or you could try out Epic Buffet. The food goes on as far as you can see and is filled with your favorite food from all over the world. Come by for Friday themed nights or early on Sundays for our Epic Brunch buffet.

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AAMS Has No Choice: Online Slots will be Legal

AAMS Has No Choice: Online Slots will be Legal

Crisis, earthquake and economy force Monopolies to shake their noses and legalize online slots with Polillo, which assures: “We will not increase taxes.” It starts on December 3rd.

Although it is not yet time to say ” finally, we are!” , The news that these days have managed to overcome the secretes of AAMS are the ones that are so delighted to predict great – and positive – upcoming changes.

The tantalica thirst of the Italian government, today more than ever looking for new tax revenues, seems to have succeeded in convincing the Italian legislator that adding online slots to the list of games allowed for Italian players could be a choice that can Happy (almost) everyone.

Controversy from the world of associations to protect the players for the obvious risks associated with the phenomenon of ludopathy, stuck unabated by a large group of parliamentarians and somewhat tempted by “local” operators for the fear of not yet being able to To compete with those of the much-fledged international online casinos, slots have therefore been confined to a corner of illegality for several months – when the Italian online casino has moved its first steps and began to make it clear that it could represent ( Especially in power) an important sector of the national economy.

It is so important to induce a radical rethinking of a normative system that, for both inexperience and justified fear, has immediately shown obvious limits for all actors in the field.

Excellence of the operators

Some time ago, at the time of the discussion of the law that would shortly make part of online casino games in Italy, somebody came to comment on the lack of online slots saying “it’s as if they tell you that you can play But without the ball. It does not make sense.”

Beaten though, though, on the one hand it is an indisputable fact that the slots sector represents just as much as 50% / 60% of the total turnover of many operators in the industry, on the other hand there is no risk of imagine that A departure of legal slots in Italy is likely to bring the online casino market figures up to a level similar to that of poker.

Such growth, however, may inevitably result in someone’s injury, as the recent experience of online poker and the first leg of casino casinos in Italy have been shown to be damaging in a way that is not negligible Bingo and betting numbers.

Why did the government change its mind?

According to well-informed sources, the decision taken by AAMS would have two-way reasons for the country’s difficult situation due to the international crisis, the disastrous state of public finances, the daily difficulties of the Eurozone and not Last, of the earthquake tragedy that hit the northern part of the country in recent weeks.

Despite the positions with respect to the game and the moral stubbornness of a pastime considered to be very dangerous for the finances of individuals, it seems that the staff of the State Monopoly has been forced to shake the nose and take the road of an uncommitted choice but still unavoidable.

The urgent need for new liquidity in state funds when the damage to the earthquake could end up with swallowing how much “saved” to the package of growth and development prepared by Mario Monti‘s team has in fact imposed on the political class of Make meaningful decisions without leaving the opportunity to spend the time needed to embark on that kind of “creative finance” that could have resulted in other results.

For this reason, as soon as the idea of ​​a further increase in gambling taxation – which has already been widely criticized by active operators in the Italian market – was defeated directly by the Secretary of State to the Economy Gianfranco Polillo, it immediately became apparent as that of a ‘ Opening to online slots could only be the easiest and fastest way to get the results you need.

“To further increase tax draws on the game,” said Polillo, “it could end up producing an opposite effect to the one hoped for by playing illegal gambling and thus lowering the overall revenue from the game.”

Legal slots: a calendar

According to current legislation, the online legalization of online slots in Italy should take place with a three-stage process designed to allow smaller rooms to benefit from a real opening up of the market without necessarily having to take the risk of abdication of important positions due to Different preparation in the field than most prepared rooms like those of the big international groups.

The arrival of legal slot machines is therefore scheduled for Monday, December 3, 2012 , when all rooms with software that can meet statutory requirements will be able to test their new slot games for a few hours Italian player.

The test will then be resumed two weeks later when, on Monday , December 17, 2012 , casino rooms approved by AAMS will launch the latest test in view of the official launch of online slot deals scheduled for the first day of January next year .

Playing Casino at Sanremo from PC Will Be Presto Reality

Playing Casino at Sanremo from PC Will Be Presto Reality

A new software will allow you to access the live lounge directly from your home armchair.

Although it is not yet possible to know even the smallest details about the “how” it is intended to present to the eyes of the Italian players – the “thing” no longer doubts: the casino of Sanremo is preparing for the big step of the Internet.

Deciding to hire some of the most successful experiences in the world of online point it , the Sanremo Hall points to the health (and numbers) of the online casino industry to at least partly revive its budget.

Thanks to an agreement signed with MediaLiveCasino – which has been able to admit to the detriment of other lamentable claimants such as EvolutionGaming and Tumas-Portomaso, the Sanremo casino will be able to launch a real casino room that – at least They say the halls of the corridor – should point everything to the live game and the excellent feedback that this is having among the country’s players.

Bundled within national boundaries by bwin and GiocoDigiale – this time through evolution gaming ad hoc solutions – live dealer games that interact with players connected to the room software seem to be destined to become one of the most interesting fields Battle for all those rooms aspiring to a slice of the gloomy Italian game cake.

Live and online can live perfectly

The live casino version of Sanremo should include live streaming of the (probably) most famous casinos in Italy, with the ability for players connected to the internet to play the same games available for flesh and bone visitors.

Such a step, which would allow the possibility of playing with blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other major players, is also a potential revolution in the industry, since no room has ever been included in its offer Such a large number of live games due to the costs and technologies needed for their proper operation.

The director of the marketing and sales department of MediaLive Casino Angelo de Gobbi has blessed the agreement between his company and San Remo casino saying that “no Italian casino has so far been so far-sighted since online games had always been Considered as competitors to fight. Sanremo’s casino is the first to understand the huge potential offered by live and online synergy. “

The Government Cancels AAMS and ASSI: Horse Racing and Game in the Far West

The Government Cancels AAMS and ASSI: Horse Racing and Game in the Far West

Save, save, save. And cuts make Italian authorities disappear over the game. Are we sure a smart move?

An earthquake that is like a reverse: the “Delete” button is dropped on the hyphen, while the Aams disappears in fact and will be joined to the Customs agency.

A real revolution in travel (backward) over time, what emerged from the last Council of Ministers, although only little time was talking about strengthening the body and going to concentrate controls and investigations more and more capillary in the world of the game.

The result is that the horse no longer has an entity such as the Ace (Horse Racing Development Agency) while Aams has been sucked into the mix between Dogane and Monopoly.

“An objective retreat”

The paladin of the fight against gambling, Senator of PDL Raffaele Lauro did not spare his surprise and his condemnation of this decision: “We were going in the direction in which Parliament could be the appointment of an anti-mafia magistrate at the summit Of Aams, while the decision just arrived is an objective retreat in terms of management and control of a delicate sector. “

However, the justification of the Monti Government is very rare: the decision is part of the reorganization and rationalization of public expenditure

But replies, or rather criticisms, have not failed. Starting with the world of workers, according to the Usb, the only ones to do the expense of this maneuver are the employees: “This article is about the fate of about 12,000 workers who do not know what their future is at the moment” .

The union has already worked and has convened with urgency the Administrations concerned by the measure.
Reflecting, in addition to the employment drama, it seems that the aspect of taxation and legality will also be rescaled, because it will be a battle that will see fewer men and fewer resources employed: “The government’s blitz shows us once again that there is no ‘ Is the will to fight tax evasion, precisely because the tax sector is attacked, overthrown, dismembered and closed by office. “

Cgil also has no doubts: “With this decision, Tax Agencies are in fact decommissioned. With the reduction of territorial offices and offices, the control and verification activities are more complex. “

This is a real “scandal” for the deputy Pdl Giuseppe Marinello because not only would the dismantling of the structure be, but what is even more serious is to do so “without having a substitute model. So there is a risk, in a period of severe crisis, to add crisis to the crisis. “

The imminent danger is therefore the locking of the apparatus. With the novelty, offices will be invested in deliveries, shifts, reorganizations: in short, the Tax Agencies will pass 2012 to reorganize the bureaucratic machine. And many greetings to the fight against crime and the evasion that draws the game world.

Casino of Sanremo, an eye for the Russians Players

Casino of Sanremo, an eye for the Russians Players

The Ligurian gaming room has decided to activate a number of special services for customers from the East.

They are hard times for the four Italian casinos, and especially for the Sanremo Municipal Casino. All the gaming halls in the last quarter recorded lower cashings compared to the same period last year (averaging over 20%), but the Ligurian casino is the one that lost most of all.

From April to June, Sanremo collected about 11.8 million euros, against 18.2 in the second quarter of 2011. To cope with the crisis, and seek to attract more players, the Municipal Casino decided to invest a lot On customers from Eastern Europe.

Every year, many Russians visit the Ligurian town and the surrounding areas, historically highly appreciated by this type of tourist. And even the Russians, like the Italians, like to gamble in a particular way. Casino Sanremo has decided to do just one more, trying to exploit these two trends in their favor. As? It is soon said.

The number one objective is to overcome the language barriers. So free to some mother tongue girls who at the Secretariat from July 2 are ready to welcome and welcome all Russian customers, assisting them in registration and answering all questions about casino games.

The service is active both on public holidays and on weekdays, from 14am to 1pm, and will continue until the end of summer.

But that’s not all. Always on the initiative of the Casinò di Sanremo, volumes and other information material were distributed both in the game room and in the hotels of Alassio, Andora, Imperia and Laigueglia (of course in Russian). And next to the Russian church and Matteotti there will be a pair of totems to welcome both the Casino and the city of Sanremo all over.

Casinos of Sanremo, other initiatives are coming

Approaching Russian customers is just the first step taken by the Casino of Sanremo to try to go back to the pomp of a time, at least to stem the economic crisis that has been eroding profits over the years . Of course this can not be enough: other measures are needed if the Ligurian gaming room intends to lose further ground.

The management of the Municipal Casino is activating to explore new roads, but the time available is less and less.If the pit does not have to be altered, the Sanremo Casino is likely to have to undertake cost management measures that would inevitably fall on the workers: in many, in short, risking the place.

Play, Lose and Steal. Reinventing, Breaking, and Ending Prison

Play, Lose and Steal. Reinventing, Breaking, and Ending Prison

It is the tragicomic story of forty-six in Chicago but of Italian origin: he had come to Italy with everything he had: a treasury of two thousand euros, and the conviction that he could multiply his possessions at the casino.

But Sanremo‘s gambling house did not go to a happy ending tale, but to a surprise epilogue in which the man was denounced.

Because if a person plays and loses everything, there is no condition for denouncing it. Not even for a news worthy of an article. But if in order to play and “rebuild” there is a robbery then changes everything.

It was a pity, though, that the robbery had not been carefully planned: it was not a warp routine, and studied at a table, but a casualty.

When reality overcomes fantasy

Because the unlucky gentleman just wanted to hit the bank’s glasses repeatedly and hurt the cabinets hoping to be arrested once the cameras had detected it.

At that point the surprise: one of the doors opened. Incredible the American Italian found himself in the bank and at that point the temptation was too strong. Who knows, he would have thought lucky lord, that this was a sign and that he would recover his money and win a lot to change his life.

After browsing everywhere, unfortunately he managed to get around 500 euros in coins and small notes. As a child who just broke the piggy bank he went back to the casino. But there was no fairy tale and no justice: he lost everything, even the booty of robbery.

The man to whom serious mental problems have been recognized, the next day he appeared in the barracks of the Carabinieri. Which at first did not want to believe in the incredible story, but then found the answer to the bank manager’s denunciation.

The cameras then confirmed the incident, discovered by the bank’s employees at the opening, when they found the cabinets crumpled and moved by their positions: the images showed a man with a black hat and a jersey with the letter Smhity He himself handed in to prove his version.

At that point there were no doubts but GA was not arrested but only denounced for aggravated theft. Throughout the story, the bank was downsized, which had a failure at the entrance door that no one had noticed, and that only because of the malicious attempt of the man was noticed. But no reward for what was ultimately a robber for a night.

By chance, it is understood and unlucky that because of the game he lost everything he had and even the booty, miserable, but still a refusal of a shot at the bank.

Cinema and Game: The Network Elegs the Top 3 Movies

Cinema and Game: The Network Elegs the Top 3 Movies

There is a special podium that is able to reconcile the gambling and cinema steps: it is the best three films that have made the history of gambling on the big screen.

The special rankings that we present today, including the videos of all the films in question, have been spread by the casino room NetBet, which, having submitted a questionnaire to a sample of about four thousand voters, has published the results of a survey that Without landing on revolutionary or fantasy-based conclusions, no doubt the merit of bringing to mind some masterpieces of the big screen that undoubtedly enjoy the pleasure of an evening on the couch with friends.

The first place was awarded to the fotofinish: 26 percent for the winner of this special ranking, ahead of the second with 24 percent. Who I am?


1 – Maverick (1994)


Imagine the West prairies. And then these prairies become overgrown with green tables: there is the most important tournament for players in spurs, horses and straps. The hero is a Mel Gibson part of an unlucky cowboy but motivated to go hunting for victory in the biggest poker tournament.

Halfway between the serious and screaming his character comes to the rump of a donkey and will be a movie for the comic picture, with a Gibson – Maverik too overwhelmed, who will only end up consecrating his player skills with an incredible hand .

Jodie Foster, in one of his rare unrelated roles, James Garner, Graham Green, Alfred Molina (who will be the antagonist, the bad Angel), James Coburn, Dan Hedaya, Corey Feldman and Margot Kidder.

2 – La Stangata (1973)

La Stangata

Paul Newman and Robert Redford are a very thick film, a brilliant film that has brought home seven Oscar Awards (Best Film, Direction, Screenplay, Soundtrack, Set Design, Costumes and Editing) and based its success On a humorous comedy, simple and entertaining at the same time, but supported by two pillars of cinema that for the occasion became Henry Gondorff, a former baroque devoted to alcohol and Johnny Hooker, a young street sweeper . In the 1930’s, the two will put on a betting round to capture millions of viewers with strokes, bats, bets and scams.

3 – Casinos (1995)


Closes the podium with 15 percent of the most recent of the three films: 1995 Casino (while La Stangata is 1973, Maverik of 1994). Crazy cast that would already be enough to stand on the top of the podium: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pisces, James Woods, Don Rickles, Alan King and Kevin Pollak.

Impeccable dress, perfect shirts and ties never out of place: Asso – De Niro is put on by the “Family” at the head of Ls Vegas casino but he wants to be a play immaculate like his shirts, no tricks. You will come across a ginger – Sharon Stone gorgeous and avid and a Jo Pisces in the shoes of Nick who wants to make the gangster above everything and everyone.

A movie that has been incredibly forgotten at the Oscars night, featured a movie column and a crash of game and crime based on Frank Rosenthal‘s true story that led Stardust, Fremont and Hacienda for the mafia from the 1970s to Eighth, and how to “play” with his food and drink license.

Final Considerations:

It’s hard to hide a pity of regret not to see in the podium a whole Italian film, which, unlike the top three, shows much more cards and how they can affect life as a Christmas Gift (1986).

The protagonists Diego Abatantuono, Carlo Delle Piane and Alessandro Haber represent a must for poker and movie enthusiasts. Around the most classic of the Christmas poker tables, some friends are challenging to show all the worst sides of the human soul of fake mercy and the confirmation of the historically undeniable homo, homini lupus that is so much part of nature. Abatantuono and Piane bring the pathos to an almost unthinkable level for a poker game: a level that compels them to follow the game in religious silence to see if the cards can really destroy a person’s life or not.

What is certain is one thing: the movies have always drawn the game world, creating idols and goodies, perhaps giving a distorted version, but up to a point, gambling synonymous with scam.

And how do you forget the bluff’s essence regarding Ace? Celentano captures the viewer and arrives to bluff up to three billion and eight.

The fever of poker and poker is going up now, some movies will never pass. In fact, after talking about an unknown world, who knows that there is no glory at a time when watching some movies, with a pinch of irony, it would certainly do well.

Discovering the Game Sicily

Discovering the Game Sicily

Sicily and Game: a wedding involving 300,000 people

Sicily “new” happy island of gambling. The number of Sicilian players is growing, and according to the latest estimates they are discovering the world of online poker: through a NetBet Casino survey, Sicilians sitting at virtual room tables are more than three hundred thousand.

He has an average age between 24 and 45 and he plays every month about one hundred euros: it is the identikit of the Sicilian player who is joining the national trend that now seems to grow in a rampant way.

Also from NetBet it is known that only at this point in 2012, poker players increased by 47 percent compared to last year.

Poker, movies and beautiful women

From matches with friends to online tournaments: the conjunction ring is cinema.

It would be the big screen to intrigue and bring people to play, attracted by epic hands in the final scenes, or fame and glorious protagonists who manage to beat their antagonist with bets, bluffs, and lucky cards.

Cinema and women. Because they are beautiful and they are even sexier if you come to gambling. That is why in a recent survey, Jodie Foster would be the hypothetical godmother of the new Sicilian players who would have elected him 29 percent of the preferences.

The coincidence: Jodie Foster is also among the protagonists of what has been chosen the best movie on the game on a survey conducted by NetBet: Maverick, with Mel Gibson, where Foster is engaged in one of the few times in one part Light in tune with a sparkling and playful comedy in the old west. But where does his charm fail.

Second, with 22 percent of preferences there is Melanie Griffith who has crossed the game world on the winning card set with Sylvester Stallone.

Closes the podium Sharon Stone that is remembered in Casino with Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci.

Another curiosity: if for Sicilians the beautiful Stone is “only” in third place, the podium is inverted compared to that emerged at national level where instead the favorite of Sicilians, Foster, won the bronze medal and ahead of Griffitth who instead It is firm on the second step there is Stone.

A rampant passion

But thanks to these three beautiful madrids and the three unforgettable films that in Sicily the game is growing exponentially.

It draws the passion for poker tournaments and texas hold’em: and if virtual players grow, live schedules also increase.

There was even a tournament circuit, the Sicilia Poker Championship even articulated in provincial stakes.

A series of appointments that will light up the Sicilian game summer to pick the best. The grand finale will be at the City of the Sea of ​​Terrasini, which will close a poker tour characterized not by big winnings but not by dramatic losses.

What is that Sicilian secret? The pleasure of playing at the green table without ever spilling on pure fun: the numbers seem to confirm it.

The urn decided: Taiwan will have its first casino

The urn decided: Taiwan will have its first casino

For the new rich there will be a new home game: Matsu Island has decided by a referendum to open the first gambling facility.

Another example of democracy comes from Southeast Asia. And not one of Tigers’ poker, but one of those realities that like Singapore are cutting Tigre’s “degrees” through choices designed to stimulate and develop the economy.

If the others offer this solution, why go elsewhere to sit at the green tables? Let’s do it here. Just like all the industries of the various spheres of commerce and entrepreneurship: once again emulation skills have become a “do-it-yourself” that will fill the gap with the West even more. Which in turn is in stand bye situations due to the fact that few have to decide for many.

Response of the seats

In the island facing China, the poll has ruled that 1795 (57 percent) are in favor of the casino, 1341 are opposed and the null cards have been 28: the result was achieved with 40 percent of the ‘Affluence to the seats.

“An investment”. So the government has defined the gaming house, which seems to be an ever more concrete idea. A choice to attract tourists, but in particular that band of neo-rich Chinese businesswomen. And not only.

The news has already activated all the players in the industry. Which for sure will be mostly Asian businessmen, but the deal has been sniffed by some far-sighted Westerners as well. The iter is always the same, which has allowed South East Asia to take (Western) art and put it aside (for its own benefit), then moving from emulation to creation of an identity (so the students have passed teachers). But it is above all a process of decentralization, looking for ever lower costs and running budgets.

That is, the islets that make up Matsu respond to the identity of a new commercial operation where there is much more gambling offer than high risk of gambling.

Gambling then confirms safe harbor in times of crisis. And this was also Taiwan‘s first justification to the idea: to earn it. Investing in gambling is the least risky move in this crisis period as billed and market position is high. And the population of Matsu has proven to believe it.

Truffle Slots in Cagliari: Involved AAMS Employee

Truffle Slots in Cagliari: Involved AAMS Employee

GF 57 years, under the lawsuit of the Cagliari Public Prosecutor since 2019, will have to compensate the state for € 380,000.

He used slot machines to cheat his customers, but in the end, the only one to be blown was he alone, as the dirty game organized by an employee of the State Monopoly of Cagliari will cost him a secretly fine of 380 thousand Euros .

The biggest scam was discovered in 2019 by the Guardia di Finanza and after a year and a half of police investigations coordinated by the deputy prosecutor of the republic Guido Pani came to unveil an imposing truffaldino tour that involved a pair of the island’s capital and hence The operators of the premises that had the slots provided.

The organization

The system was as simple as it was. It is just as criminal. GF 57-year-old Serramanna, an employee of the Cagliari monopoly site, according to the investigators warned private individuals of the arrival of the inspectors, returned the gambling cards to the gamblers at the deposition of the Aams, falsely executed confiscated cards To the original owners or to give them to third parties.

The alleged corrupters were 11 and all holders of various companies that run entertainment and entertainment devices.

The accusation is of computer scam and bribery for altering the functioning of some false-card devices emulating regular tax counters. The man would handle the scam with his wife, a catechist with no income, with the sad final result of confiscating goods in the past for a total of 380 thousand Euro.

The figure would be the result of a small empire made up of houses, properties and luxury goods; it also makes it smile among other things the indiscretion that the employee would submit to the Monopoly the requests for meal reimbursement that he in theory consumed during the checks.
Investigations revealed that GF sometimes also used coins stored in the devices seized and stored in custody at the Cagliari Monopoly depot, as well as gambling cards destined to be confiscated or destroyed, then returned to the owners or handed over to others.

Moreover, according to the accusation, the Cagliari businessman favored the application of sanctions to an unjustifiably reduced amount, omitted the inscription on the role of the unpaid ones and did not transmit the acts to Equitalia for the collection. The ideal controller for the 11 exercises that tightened the couple’s alliance.

But the suspects once shot broke out a tour that includes the five-year-old 2015-2019, a shadow that would miss nearly six million of declared income. The company also disputes non-deductible costs for 642 thousand euros and the missed payment of odds of the games (the so-called Preu, single fee, a fee on the volume of games today equal to 12.6 percent of the total) for over 376 thousand euro.

After cheating for the unknown players for years, the last shot of the lever triggered the handcuffs and a jackpot for the state, a billionaire. The Guardian of Finance continues to reap fraudsters.

5 Examples of Scam (Discovery) to a Casino Damage

Cards scored, unmixed cards, players and croupier deals, and losses that became victories.

They are some of the big scams that have characterized the recent gambling history and have come back to memory after the scam discovered in Sardinia , in Cagliari by an Aams official who agreed with some managers to make slot machines and He received thousands of euros.

The whole world is country

Casino in Cannes. Marked cards have always been one of the oldest tricks. But the scam at our times in 2011 was made with a special last generation ink visible only with special glasses. Glasses that had the three accomplices that robbed about 75,000 euros with two “hands”, the first being 44,000 and the second by 27 in another casino before being discovered.

Las Vegas / 1. Similarly, the story came to a 43-year-old player who however scored cards in a quick but less technical way. The scorer scored the cards by scratching on the top left hand with a piece of sandpaper. The higher the sign was, the more the card was worth. Sands sitting at the Sands cash game table went well for the first time, but since he had already been suspected the night before, he was waiting for the go-ahead, and when he hit his “good star” again, he blurred and Is finished in handcuffs.

Las Vegas / 2. More curious than the genial of a Chinese that to sum up a booty of over one million euros, had to lose. That’s right: in three different Las Vegas casinos it lost but its accomplices picked up the chips that then went into the maltolto. The key was the line of credit in the casino: it was lost, got credit for the baccarat, and thanks to the accomplices, it was then cash. And in five months, the idea has yielded more than a million dollars, but it has been translated into a 360-year jail sentence.

Saint Vincent. Luck sees us very well, especially when he is a croupier. The man would in this case favor the winning of some players, joining a 120,000 euro loot. The trick was simply not to blend the cards: that part of the cards that was distributed to the players would determine the winnings.

Cannes – Palm Beach . In this case the news is double because, not only is the scam but the scammer, indeed the scammer is a known name. This is the widow of publisher Rizzoli, Ljuba Rosa, who had agreed with some croupier with which he then shared “the losses”. The scam grew about 15 billion old lire, it was 1994.